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About Us

Committed to providing the best tax disc reminder service in the UK

It’s becoming an increasingly common problem – many motorists getting  fined or their vehicle clamped for forgetting when their car tax disc or MOT was due, after the government scrapped the taxdisc last year to save on the costs of printing.

Most people find our online car tax reminder service helpful as we provided a replacement tax disc.

It is suspected the DVLA is pocketing millions selling off our personal details to wheel clampers without our consent as thousands of people are forgetting to renew their car tax in the absence of a daily physical road tax reminder on their car’s windshields.

Have you ever asked yourself when is my car tax due for renewal and then totally forgot to renew it? Remembering your tax disc renewal date is a most difficult task for most of us.

The government paper road tax disc was scrapped last October when the DVLA introduced new car tax rules and switched to a digital system. The savings to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) would allegedly be £10 million a year from no longer having to print and circulate the paper discs.